Trekking the Mont Blanc Massif (Fr.) 1/2

TMB. Ces trois lettres aussi célèbres dans le monde de la randonnée que les quatre d’UTMB le sont à celui de l’Ultra Trail. Pour à l’arrivée, la même finalité : partir à l’aventure autour du plus célèbre massif montagneux d’Europe, ses sommets légendaires, ses paysages superbes et inégalables et ses incalculables opportunités pour tout pratiquant de sport outdoor. Continue reading “Trekking the Mont Blanc Massif (Fr.) 1/2”

Lofoten’s Call

Someone said inspiration triggers adventures. I believe that’s what happened when I read an article last February about photos and kayak adventures in Fjords along the Norwegian coast. 3 clicks later, I was checking flight prices for the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway. Located almost 200km north of the arctic circle, seven islands form an archipelago known for its dramatic mountains and peaks, white sand beaches and untouched wilderness … Continue reading “Lofoten’s Call”

Avalanches Peak, Arthur’s Pass

Arthur’s Pass is the highest of the three passes allowing to cross the Southern Alps and the most direct route to go from Christchurch to the West Coast (and vice versa). At an altitude of 920m above sea level, it is also the gateway to Arthur’s Pass National Park, its twenty 2000+ peaks and countless hiking opportunities.

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Tales from Te Aotearoa

Why did New Zealand amazed me … ? Well it’s not an easy one. It’s been nearly a year since I came back home from my adventure there. But I still feel like it was yesterday. The land of the long white cloud, Te Aotearoa in Māori, is a true gem, a paradise for photographers and the mecca of outdoor enthusiasts. Somewhere in the pacific ocean, east of Australia, the country’s two main islands are home to a mind blowing diversity of landscapes …

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Exploring the land of Ice and Fire

Iceland has been incredibly shaped by nature. Water, fire, quakes, their marks are everywhere. From active volcanos to gigantic glaciers and impressive waterfalls, it offers plenty of sights for travelers. Extreme but stunning, many say it’s a country you got to visit both in winter and summer. Having a week off in February and as a winter lover, I took the opportunity to ticked the first season off the list.

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